Our Services

  • Standard
    • Lawn mowing by push mower
    • Cutting and pruning by scythe, lopper, + clippers
  • Deluxe
    • Garden fencing by weaving local, fallen branches (wattle)
    • Rent pet sheep + goats for larger jobs (we’re a vegan company!)
    • Garden design + planning consultation (native + edible plants) through partnership with Symbiotic Ecological Design

About Us

Over 73,151 tons of pollutants are emitted by lawn + garden equipment in the US every day, according to a 2011 EPA study.

Do you respect yourself, your neighbors, + the piece of land you call home? Do you want to connect with your environment + carve out harmonious order, while respecting space for wildlife? If yes, The Peaceful Steward is for you!

Do you enjoy shrieking + noxious-fume machines, pesticides that destroy soil, birds, bees, dragonflies, etc., + generally treat your property like a goddamn war zone? If yes, try most any other landscaping company 🙂

Woman-owned + vegan company based in Beacon, NY

Contact Us

(845) 276-4136

Please call us or use the form below to to schedule landscaping services:

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